Shiana Brown’s “Say Yes To Less.”

Cady Walts’ “CNY Wants $15.”

John Zirkle’s “Value EDU.”

Luidji Dormeus’ “Tuition Free 1-2-3.”

Allison Hinz’s “Free Tuition Today.”

Lynsey Stanicki’s “More Than Just $13.”

Ryan Cronin’s “Say No to the Higher Wage.”

Kayla Conti and Kyle Hanchar’s “Sock Puppet Minimum Wage”:

Paige Potter’s “Minimum Wage NY.”

Kyle Napier’s “Earn the Degree.”

Amanda Teich’s “Who Doesn’t Want Free College Tuition?”

Jackson Mushtare’s “Tuition Movement.”

Maxwell Smith’s “College Set Me Free.”

Grace Murphy:

Mike Finkelstein’s “Fair Wage for All.”
Matthew Ring’s “Help Stop the Rising Minimum Wage!”

Christine Vo’s “Tuition Free.” 

Niel Wieman’s “FreeEDU4All.”

Some students composed UnEssay assignments and chose not to post them publicly on this blog, as is their right.